Publication Possé 📑📚 Reply


Nikki Do, Kristani (Kristen) Fernandez, and Jonah Vu

Welcome, all book nerds! This is the first ever edition of Publication Possé!! WE LIKE BOoO°0oKSS! We are here to help all you poor souls who have nothing to read!

For those who dislike reading, you are missing out!!!

Anyway, prepare to have your senses enveloped in a fictional universe of fanatic wonder! From the lands of magical beasts to dystopias of corruption, a discovery of alternative worlds is definitely in order! We are coming to save you from your reading slump by giving you book recommendations!

We’ll start with three relatively new series, although two of the three are still unfinished. In all cases, however, readers are inevitably captivated by these delightful publications.

Red Queen 👑 Red Queen is a YA fiction novel by new coming author Victoria Aveyard. This book follows a young girl named Mare Barrow who lives in a dystopian society that is divided based on the colors of one’s blood. The Reds are normal people who are forced to live hard lives in the slums, serving the Silvers. The Silvers hold special abilities that set them apart, even more than the color of their blood. When Mare, a Red, lands herself in a situation where she can no longer escape her problems, she meets a mysterious stranger that changes her whole life.

Legend🏃- Bestselling author Marie Lu brings heartbreak to readers in this futuristic series about two teenagers from different parts of society. June, a prestigious soldier born into the high class, is searching for her brother’s murderer. Day, a criminal surviving in the slums, is confirmed as the killer but is actually innocent. When the two meet, they learn not only the truth but more secrets than they ever could have bargained for.

Seeker Seeker, by Arwen Elys Dayton, features a heroine named Quin Kincaid who has physically trained all of her life to follow in her family’s footsteps. John and Shinobu, her friends, have grown up with her, yet a possible dark past may overshadow their future. As she relies on her childhood friends, she begins to learn about the bitter truth behind her family.

We would like to thank you for reading the first ever edition of Publication Possé! If you are ever in a book slump, be sure to come again next week! Should you have any book recommendations, please comment down below. Have a prosperous AR life!

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