You Made it! Reply

Destiney Hagberg

Congratulation to all the boys who made the soccer team! Good job at both of the tryouts.

Games will be starting up soon, and make sure you talk to Mr. Thorson about all of the upcoming practices that the team will have.

All games will be at Westminster High School.

Good Luck as you compete with Warner and Johnson Middle school.

Here is our boys’ team:

Jack Carson

Nathan Morales

Cesar Rocha

Mason Kelly

Jeremy Flores

Chris Erdosi

Miguel Sanchez

Steven Provenzino

Richard Montijo

Josh Lemenstre

Jimmy Mendoza

Moe Alaniz

Justin Bush

Joseph Wagenblast

Victor Garibay

Jairo Monroy

Marco Aburto

Aaron Arredondo

Tyler Kist

Michael Maeda

Damian Campos

Colby Om

Aksel Rodriguez

Gareth Keeler

David Corrales

Alex Villa

Christian Gomez

Fabian Alvizo

Andrik Ramirez

Brandon Munroy

Caleb Dochnahl

Jose Maceda

Jake Cataldo

Michael Doke

Duc Nguyen

Dylan Ruiz

Brian Hernandez

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