Lawyers in the Making: POLLO 4 LYFE!!!! Read the chicken poem below 3

Heather Tran, Kristen Fernandez, and Nikki Do

🗿🐙 Welcome to this week’s edition of Lawyers in the Making! The winner of last week’s poll was Instagram. Today the topic of debate is CHICKEN!!!

Chicken is fabulous. 🍗🍗Chicken is life. No one should hate chicken. Chicken is our god. It is our savior. Praise the chicken. There are chickens from many places, but only one can emerge as THE SUPER-CHICKEN-MAKER!!!!!!!!!!!! 🔱🎂🐓Pull out your plates and put your favorite chicken on it!!!!!!

KFC 🐔👴🍗: Aine Drury says, “… KFC does this thing where they put it in extreme heat so all the hard parts of the meat and all the calcium in the bones melt so it tastes just like chicken, but at Popeye’s they don’t do that so there’s just that weird [stuff] in the middle.”

Popeye’s 🐓👩🍗: Valerie Nguyen says, “They’re both great individually, [but] Popeye’s has better regular flavored chicken… I like them both but I eat Popeye’s more because…they give you bigger portions.”

Heather, one of our “lawyers”, says, “Chicken is good. KFC has good mashed potatoes. But POPEYE’S FTW because in the name of Beyonce’s new single,”Momma Louisiana,” is bomb!”😆 By the way, Heather’s opinion is not a part of the debate, but we love you anyway Heather. -N & K 😘 “Love you too :).”-H

Heather’s Chicken Poem

Roses are red,

Fried chicken is covered in bread

Violets are blue

When I have nothing to do

I drive my car

And get fried chicken that deserves five stars

Eating chicken is never a bore

Sometimes when I finish my meal, I crave for more

Chicken is like holy water, you see

I even put it on my Christmas tree

Chicken is life

It can even be my wife 😉

EAT CHICKEN! Thank chicken once again for sizzling this week’s hot edition of Lawyers in the Making!!! 

Remember to vote for your favorite chicken fast food chain! Be sure to tune in next week!!!!! Goodbye and goodnight! 🌵🌐👾👳


  1. I’m grasping my head in frustration over trying to make this decision. Are we talking about just the chicken, or the food over all? Because some of the food at these places are better than the other, and then you look at another item and you say, “Yeah popeye’s or KFC’s whatever this is is better.” What if you were to put them together? ULTIMATE DELICIOUS! TBH, I’ve never tried their foods together, but I thought it was a good idea. This is making me hungry. I’m going to KFC (not because it’s preferred, it’s just closer)


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