Lawyers in the Making- Instagram vs Snapchat!!📱💬 Reply

Kristen Fernandez, Heather Tran, and Nikki Do

Chào các bạn! (Hello friends) 🍔 🐒 Last week’s winner was BASKETBALL!

Social media has been very popular for these past few years, so today we’ll be seeing who is the best of the best!

Instagram is one of the newest social networks that’s been gaining likes for the past four years. Snapchat is yet another newcomer that has taken over our phones.

It’s time to double-tap for the app that will prevail and will be known as the best of the best of the BEST!

Instagram📱🏠💗: Emily Ma said,”I prefer Instagram because by using it, you’ll able to see way more pictures, and it’s not as limited.”

Caleb Dochnahl said, “It’s easier…[the pictures] are all there instead of in different places.”

Snapchat 👥📱👻: Andrew Sieng said,”I like Snapchat better because you get to see the story of people’s lives. Also, you can see what people are up to every day.”

Thank you for reading this week’s edition! Be sure to vote for your favorite app and make sure to tune in for the next edition of Lawyers in the Making! 📰🍕🍳Eat chicken and have a fabulous day, children!

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