Football : Good or Bad? 21

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Delaney Powell

The world is raving about the Super Bowl’s 50th year. Football is a popular sport in this country and generates a great deal of excitement and anticipation. But we must ask, is the sport safe? 

Every year 69.6% of football players get hurt and 44.8% of football players get concussions. Many of these players continue to suffer even after their careers are over.

Additionally, these football players are role models for millions of kids all over the world. What happens when children try to do an Odell Beckham Jr. catch and end up breaking an arm?

Kids today follow by example, so it might not be a good idea to encourage them to be like their favorite football star.

Football is not only harmful for youths, it is possibly damaging for adult friendships. Some diehard fans end friendships and even relationships because they like opposing teams!

Still, football provides a good time and the contest to see who is the best is riveting. (Then again, the gladiator games were very popular in ancient Rome.)

Does the entertainment factor weigh more heavily than the human factor? Where do we draw the line? The NFL has continued to wrestle with this with no real solutions.

For most, none of that matters. The game is pure enjoyment for spectators and players alike.

Unfortunately, for the lovers of the game, you’ll have to wait another year for the 51st Super Bowl to get the chips, watch the funny commercials and awesome halftime shows, and enjoy the game with friends and family.

So is it good or bad? You decide.


  1. Football should stay. By the way Odell didn’t make the one handed catch, I cry inside when i see people playing football and they say they’re going to “odell” it.


  2. All you replys were so cringey. Saying stuff online doesn’t make you a savage, especially when you are just saying capitalize the I.


    • Isn’t that a bit late, darling? Did it take you three months to come up with a rebuttal? At least you learned to capitalize “i”.


    • Of course! We could all assume that you had better things to do, but it’s really devastating that trimester three is already ending and you still lack proper punctuation.


  3. Dude, give up. Even THAT comment took you a day. This has gone on for 4 months, I’m pretty sure you’ll get roasted every time.


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