Extra Credit Reply


Thao Vy Phan

It is only natural that almost everyone loves extra credit. Extra credit provides an opportunity for students to increase their grades.

However, some teachers offer it for attending school functions. For example, some teachers convince students to go to school dances or school plays for extra credit. Although I don’t disagree with the idea, students should support our school without bribery. Extra credit should be earned, not bought.

In some cases, students do not have access to money or other resources. Sometimes parents are busy and cannot drive their child(ren) to attend an event making this type of extra credit inequitable.

Extra credit should be earned through work and determination. Also, it should require some sort of effort from the student other than just asking his or her parents for money and a ride.

For instance, 8th grade students are given the opportunity to wear corporate attire. They must endure the entire day in uncomfortable clothes for the sake of extra credit.

In all, extra credit should be more than the attendance of the purchase of a product. It should be available and possible for everyone to achieve.

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