Battle of the Homerooms Reply

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Jonah Vu and Nikki Do

Seventh and eighth graders representing their homeroom competed at the monthly Battle of the Homerooms during Wednesday, Jan. 27 during lunch.

At this Chopstick Challenge, players had to pick up as many skittles as they could with chopsticks and drop them in their container. After about 2 and a half minutes, the person with the most skittles won.

The first lunch winner was Andy from Mrs. Dandridge’s homeroom.

At second lunch, Kristen Fernandez, representing Ms. Walters’ homeroom, became a two-time winner, scoring 13 more skittles than the runner-up, Vivienne Tran from Mrs. Doyle. Kristin was the winner last year as well.

All participants were allowed to consume the skittles that they won while also receiving Laffy Taffy.

So far, there are no distinct prizes for the winning homeroom, but ideas are always welcome by the  PTA.

A PTA member hosting the Battle of the Homeroom said the best part of conducting the event is “watching all the kids have fun together,” and that it really shows school spirit.

The most popular monthly battles usually involve whipped cream, where a noisy crowd gathers around the humorous scene during lunch.

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