Stacey’s Choir 8

Kristen Fernandez and Nikki Do

Choir is a new elective that began this year. Many people do not know much about the class except for those who are in it. This class brought forth 30 kids that were excited to share their talents. Taman Tran, an eighth grader in choir, says, “I like choir because I get to sing… out of all the electives, it’s the most fun part of the day.”Ms. Sale, an eighth-grade language arts teacher, teaches choir during fourth period. “To me, something like choir should be participation based, so it’s not about perfection; it’s about participation and attitude… I think that it’s an elective that should be easy because a lot of people get really embarrassed about having to perform.”

Upcoming events are scheduled for choir students at Stacey and other middle schools as well. The choir will be performing with the other schools on April 16th, and on May 3rd will be performing on Arts Night by themselves.

The choir will also be having some new field trips during the year. The kids in the class will be going to the Grammy museum on April 5th for the first time. They will also be going to the Clive Davis Theater where they will meet people who have worked in the music business.


  1. Choir is pretty chill. I like the fact that not only am I in choir but I like that we can express what kind of songs we like. I think that it is one of the best electives in Stacey.


  2. The Choir class is made up of a majority of dedicated singers, who work hard every day to improve. I highly enjoy the class, and urge anyone into music/singing to join next year.


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