Meet Golden’s Bacon Turtle 51

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Leandra Gimenez

“It’s one of the weirdest turtles that ever lived.” Is how scientist Joshua Lively describes this new species of turtles has been discovered in Utah.

Sadly, this species of turtles, Golden Bacon Turtle, has been extinct for millions but skulls and shells have been found recently. The reason this turtle is so bizarre is because of its pig-like snout.

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It was given the name Golden’s Bacon Turtle because of Jerry Golden, a scientist who played a key role in the study of this unique creature, and the fact that it has a pig’s snout is why it has bacon in the name.

The scientific name is arvinachelys goldeni.

Golden’s Bacon Turtle is believed to be from the Cretaceous period about 75 million years ago. The fossils that have been found are currently being studied by a team of scientist at the University of Utah.

The paleontologist and volunteers that helped discover the fossils were surprised to see so much of the creature intact. They found the head, shell, forelimb, partial hind limbs, and vertebrae from the neck and tail of arvinachelys in tact in the same area.

With this discovery, scientists are able to get a better look at what life may have been like during that time period.


  1. This is very interesting. I clicked on this article hoping to understand why it was called the golden bacon turtle and now i know that and more. thanks


  2. Literally when I first saw the headline I thought it was going to be a turtle wrapped in bacon and I was going to be like “That’s so sad!”


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