Lawyers in the Making: MORE TEACHERS – Sports!!! 7

Heather Tran, Kristen Fernandez, and Nikki Do

Ciao! Welcome back, minions! 💆😸 The winner of the last poll was Attack on Titan! In celebration of 2016, we are going to be kicking off the year with yet another teacher’s edition of Lawyers in the Making. This week’s debate will be on SPORTS 🏀⚽🏈⚾🏆. So pull up your gym shorts and put on your Nikes, because we’re about to make a layup.

From the courts to the fields, sports have been a large influence on American culture. There have been many debates on which sport is the alpha sport. So today, soccer and basketball are going to battle it out to see who will come out as the champion. It’s time to settle this long debate and see which sport will be crowned victor! 👑🎊🏆

Soccer ⚽: Mr. Cota says,”To me the athletes seem to work harder. My niece plays it; she plays for varsity at Westminster, so over the years I’ve gotten to watch her play, and I kinda really started to enjoy it.”

Basketball🏀: Mr. Mitchell says,” I’ve played it since I was in 2nd grade; I’ve been coaching for the last eight years. Now I coach a varsity basketball team. I think the game teaches life lessons as well as being fun for me. It teaches guys that they have to work together, or girls that they have to work together for a common goal. It teaches you the hard work, and if you put your mind to something then you can overachieve and do things you didn’t think were possible.”

We hoped you enjoyed this week’s edition of Lawyers in the Making! Come back next time for another issue to see what will be the topic of debate! ⛄🅑🅨🅔❗


    • Do you have any reasoning for your choice? I personally like basketball since, for one, basketball anime is more entertaining in my opinion. Two, basketball requires using more body parts and effort. 🙂


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