Volleyball Reply


Destiney Hagberg

Stacey’s boys and girls volleyball teams had their first two games on Tuesday, January 12 at Warner Middle School. Each team played two games against Warner.

The girls were really successful with both games. The score of the first game was 15-9 and the second 15-10.

Chanel Nejad said, “The girls are doing amazing, and they are going to do great this season!” Mrs. Sass also agreed with this statement.

The boys on the other hand, lost their two games 15-10 and 15-8.

Asking about the boys game, Zack VanWardenberg said, “With more practice from Mr. Cota and Mrs Sass, the boys are going to get better.”

As Mrs. Sass said, “The boys had a really big challenge against Warner, but with more help they will be able to do better.”

Boys and girls will be having their next games against Johnson on Tuesday, January 19, 2016. These games will be held at Johnson, and let’s go support or Stacey students!

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