One Melted Night Reply

FullSizeRenderNikki Do

On December 16th, One Snowy Night was hosted by the College Career Readiness program. Throughout the dance, there were various activities available for students who bought tickets (aside from the ticket to enter).

At the dance, from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m., Santa Claus took pictures with students in the school library. In front of the library was a food stand which contained chips, candy, pizza, hot chocolate, and soda.

One section of the multipurpose room was reserved for an activity where students were able to get whipped cream sprayed into their face. In order to do the activity, students payed one ticket.

A voting booth accompanied each grade with different classes; King and Queen, Prince and Princess, and Duke and Duchess. All students may only vote once per each grade and the victors are chosen randomly. Sebastian, a student in CCR, announced the “royal nominations” for 2015. Santa Claus was also on stage helping pass out the prizes.

The duchess was Bella Watts and the duke was Diego Perez.


The princess was Ann Vo. and the prince was RJ Molina.


The queen was Chanel Nejad and the king was Aaron Nguyen.


This concludes our, once snow, melted dance.

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