Getting to Know Mrs. Redmond Reply


Erin Brown and Delaney Powell

For the last twelve years, Mrs. Redmond has been a seventh and eighth-grade history teacher at Stacey Middle School. On campus, she is quite well known for her large shoe collection. She is also known for her kindness towards her students.

The Cougar Chronicle had an opportunity to ask her a few questions and get to know her better.

CC- You have told your classes before that you didn’t always like history, or at least, the subject. What made you change your mind?

Mrs. Redmond- I had a really great history teacher in high school, who showed us history can be fun and interesting and he made me love the topic so much that I thought it would be really nice to make other students see the value in history. It’s not just about dead people that don’t have any significance in our lives, that it’s about people that are responsible for our current situation.

CC- When you walk into a room with people you haven’t met (example- students), what do you think is the first thing they notice about your personality.

Mrs. Redmond- That’s a tough question, I don’t really know, maybe that I smile and giggle a lot.

CC- Do you enjoy teaching both seventh and eighth graders?

Mrs. Redmond- Yes, I do actually because it changes up the day, I get bored easily so having two different things to teach in a day keeps me interested.

CC- Before you wanted to be a teacher, was there any job that you thought you could see yourself doing.

Mrs. Redmond- I wanted to be a pediatrician, but then I found out I don’t like blood.

CC- Was there any other subject that you were, or are, good at?

Mrs. Redmond- I really like science a lot, life science. I thought is was interesting. Maybe because I am interested in people in history, so may be that goes hand in hand. Then I also really liked English, like Shakespeare and poetry, that’s something that really caught my attention, when trying to figure out what people were saying in poetic ways.

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