Lawyers In The Making: Anime Edition – Naruto vs Attack on Titan!!! 8


Heather Tran, Kristen Fernandez and Nikki Do

Oi! Nigen (meaning “human”)! 🐼 WELCOME TO THE NEW YEAR! We hoped you had a great Christmas and New Year and ate a lot. 🎉 We are here to entertain you once again. The winner of last week’s poll is Harry Potter!!!  This week we will be discussing the ultimate anime. We’re all fired up!🔥

One of the most iconic anime of all time, Naruto, will go against the popular new show Attack on Titan. From the Konoha to the Wall, Sasuke to Titans, we bring you intense screaming and nakama (friendship boost 💪💙). Believe it!

Naruto 🍥: Sakura Sato, a 7th grader says, “I like Naruto because it has more episodes than Attack on Titan and has a better story.”

Attack on Titan 👄: Colby Om, an 8th grader, states, “I like Attack on Titan better because it has way more gore and action! And the technology! You never thought that they would use swords in the future…Everybody loves the titans because they look like little fat creatures that run like Quang.”

We hope that you enjoyed this week’s debate, and be sure to vote for your favorite anime! Have a nice day and remember to stay fabulous, from your Lawyers in the Making!! 🎉🎆


  1. I will have to put a definitely on Attack on Titan. It has had a lot of success for so young of an anime, and is a new concept which (surprisingly) almost nobody thought would work. The technology qualified to animate this show alone has a surprisingly amazing quality. Sure, if you want something more on the comedy side, Naruto could work for you. But Attack on Titan? Never have I seen an anime that displays the emotions and vulnerability of a human being so well. I could go on and on, but I believe I will not have to.


  2. Apologies. Honestly, I believe Naruto will be the next pokemon, as in corrupt by America. It will slowly make its way eastward, and then, no more Naruto anymore.


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