Mr. Andrews – Math Teacher 1


Erin Brown and Samantha Merino

Mr. Andrews is known all over SMS campus for his sardonic remarks and unique teaching style. This interview with him might reveal some secrets people most likely did not know.

Cougar Chronicle– How long have you been teaching?

Mr. Andrews– I’ve been teaching since I was born. I was sent to another planet and this little green guy came out and started talking to me about using the force and so ever since that I’ve been teaching. I’ve been teaching for 15 and a half years.

CC-Why do you have barbie doll heads on the pointer sticks?

Mr. Andrews– To make the pointer stick more exciting, it’s boring the way it is right now, and to bring the lighter side to math. Plus I like to destroy the barbies, it was at least 11 years ago that I got that first barbie head, and it was fun because it fit on the end the the pointer stick so I just put it on there.

CC -What was your math experience like when you were growing up?

Mr. Andrews– I was good at math, but I had bad teachers, I enjoyed math as a kid. In fact what I enjoyed most was that I calculated my batting average for baseball. I always did that when I was growing up.

CC -Do your kids like to ask you and your wife for help since you are both teachers?

Mr. Andrews– “They don’t have a choice because they are going to get help. We are establishing high standards for them because we want them to excel. They’ll come home and they like to try to do their homework by themselves, but as soon as they don’t understand a question, they’ll come and ask for help.

CC -What made you want teach videography?

Mr. Andrews– Mrs. Redmond and I wanted to collaborate together several years ago, and she was doing the yearbook. This is right when people started making more videos at home. I thought it would be a great idea to give the kids a chance here and create videos, incorporate some music that they like, and just have some fun learning new tricks.

CC -Do you enjoy working with a new set of kids every year?

Mr. Andrews– It keeps it interesting, except when I get kids that drive me crazy, then I’m looking forward to the next year. Of  course, it would be boring if I had the same students all the time. I taught sixth grade over at Clegg and I enjoyed keeping my own class at the same time too because then I was able to hold kids accountable and we would have fun. I really got to know even more about the students. When you get a student you get to keep for 7 hours compared to 1 hour, there’s a big difference. You just get to know those kids better than the larger groups.

CC -Is there a clear difference between the advanced classes and ‘regular’ classes with what questions are asked by students?

Mr. Andrews– I don’t think the questions are different. I think a lot of the time I can get the silly questions that are people just not trusting themselves, but at the same time just on the level of the question it’s comparable. I get the same type of questions, you know, ‘I don’t know where my mistake is’ ‘What did I do here?’ I, of course, get the occasional I don’t understand, that goes for both levels.

With his snarky, yet funny remarks, Mr. Andrews helps kids break down difficult math concepts which has earned him great status on campus and in hearts of students.

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