2015 Stacey Volleyball 1

Destiney Hagberg

Congratulations to all the girls and boys who make the volleyball team this year!

Volleyball games and practices will be starting up in January after the winter break.

The schedules of the games are posted under under the article Stacey’s Athletics.

Good luck girls and boys!

This list below is all the girls who make the team. Every boy who tried out

for the team made it!

  1. Reese Rosas
  2. Thanh Danh
  3. Julia Le
  4. Deana Truong
  5. Alicia Rodriguez
  6. Gracie Fraser
  7. Hannah Pendleton
  8. Miya Robinson
  9. Georgie Kobzeff
  10. Mia Marberger
  11. Leah Kurihara
  12. Thamia Bui
  13. Emma Kirby
  14. Olivia Weinstock
  15. Madelyn Comer
  16. Chanel Nejad
  17. Krisante Igarta
  18. Courtney Hammond
  19. Kristen Fernandez

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