Math Textbook Adoption Reply

Big Ideas Math

Jonah Vu

For the remainder of the year, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students will use the Big Ideas Math Textbook, and returning their McGraw-Hill textbooks to the company.

Math teachers from middle and elementary schools met on December 17th, Thursday, evening to discuss which of two Mathematics textbooks they preferred. After discussion and voting, it was decided Stacey Middle School will be using the Big Ideas Math textbook, as opposed to the McGraw-Hill edition.

This year, in math classrooms across the district, students have been using two textbooks to determine which one they preferred. Both meet the Common Core State Standards.

The two companies, McGraw-Hill Education and Big Ideas Learning, included a website for students to log in, access the online textbook, and to watch lesson videos. However, the Big Ideas Math site included much more, such as educational games, chart downloads, and the option to take online quizzes and tests.

Students and teachers started with McGraw-Hill Education, a company that also specializes in the medical, business, and engineering field. It was founded in 1888, and is one of the “Big Three” educational companies that create educational software for students from pre-k to postgraduate education.

Big Ideas Learning only operates in the United States, while McGraw-Hill serves in 44 countries. In 2011, Big Ideas published a series of middle school math textbooks, then continued to produce six high school textbooks in the last two years.

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