Surviving Stacey- Green Groves or Broken Bones? 1

IMG_1596Samantha Skocilic and Thao Vy Phan

A little park next to our middle school is a popular meeting place after school. Students from all grades hang out at the park to wait for parents or to buy some ice cream and other snacks.

However, this park is also a hazard for boys and girls who climb on trees and pull on large branches. The park has been the source of much enjoyment, but the safety of students at this place is questionable. Apparently, teachers and students view this situation differently.

Mrs. Valverde writes, “ … I am going to say that climbing trees is a safety issue and students are not supposed to be up there like that…. Trees do not have safety codes like the playgrounds do… ”

Jalon Brown states, “It is totally fine; no, I do not believe adults should interfere. I think they are being a bit protective…”

Haley Braddock, an eighth grader, says, “I think it is fun, but a bit annoying at times.” Even though the park is owned by the government and not the school, teachers tend to interfere.

Despite public opinion, students should give some thought for their safety in any situation. Students should use act appropriately for their own safety. The park has always been one of students’ favored places to entertain themselves. It should continue to be so as long as students don’t cause problems.

One comment

  1. In my opinion I agree with Mrs. Valverde because kids shouldn’t be climbing tree because someone could fall and physically hurt themselves


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