Orphan Gets Badly Burned in an Arson Attack and Has Only One Wish 4

Safyre Terry after the fire and before

Safyre Terry after the fire and before

Tyler Serrano

A little girl named Safyre Terry was the only survivor of the Arson attack in May, 2013 that destroyed her home. The attack also caused the death of her father David, her 3-year-old sister Layah, her 2-year-old brother Michael, and her 11-month-old brother, Donovan.

The 8 year old girl was found by firefighters in the arms of her father, who died trying to protect her.

In this painful experience, Safyre took burns on 75% of her body and the amputation of her right hand and her left foot.

Since then, the girl has had over 50 surgeries and now lives with her aunt, the only family member still alive.

Safyre’s only wish is for people to send her Christmas cards, in hope that she can fill up her Christmas tree.

The history of Safyre emotionally touched everyone, mobilizing many to send their best Christmas wishes.

In fact, Safyre’s story was diffused through the main social networks and made sure that she could get many cards to decorate her Christmas tree and feel less alone.

Although these times are difficult for Safyre, she still is a joyful child and has remained strong and kept her spirits high.

For those who want to help to donate a smile to Safyre, here’s the address:


P.O. Box 6126

Schenectady, NY 12306



  1. I hope she had the best Christmas! Still sending her warm wishes. Beautifully written. My prayers go to this beautiful, wonderful girl. Great Article!


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