Girls vs. Guys Football Reply

Leah Kurihara, Leandra Gimenez, Destiney Hagberg

As some of you may already know, Stacey’s girls football team is starting up, however the fact that girls only get an exposition game is upsetting to many. The boys’ football teams played five games over several weeks, and the girls’ team will play only two in one day.

Hailey Braddock said, “I am kinda upset about that, to be honest, cause we should get an equal amount.”

However, when we asked Mr. Andrews, he said that it is unfair that the girls football team plays less than games than the boys, but he wouldn’t consider it to be sexist.

Mr. Yohn agrees it is not sexist and says Stacey’s girl’s football team would have had more games if it weren’t for time and the fact that Johnson and Warner didn’t have enough “staff power.”

In other words, since Warner and Johnson only have one coach to coach the sports teams, they couldn’t have boys and girls playing at the same time.

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