Destiney Hagberg

Running Across the Fields, Roads, Tracks, and Trails

This is the 12th season of the Stacey Middle School Running Team. Started in 2005, our running team sent countless amount of kids to running success in high school and a few have received scholarships to college.

To join the running club, obtain an application from Mr. Yohn, fill it out and return it to him in G2B.

Dangers and Warning

Members will be running on the road, therefore all dangers of the road are present. Following all rules of the road are expected  and runners need to stay alert to surroundings. No injuries on the road have occurred, and it needs to stay that way. Students who run on a red light, jaywalk, etc. will be kicked off the team.

Leaving the Team, Taking a Break, or being Removed

Some will find that running is not their thing, and that’s fine, Just let Mr. Yohn know, so he can take you off the roster.

Some will find that another sport or activity needs to be dealt with first. Let Mr. Yohn know.

Some will find that they are tempted to ditch, or to make up excuses for not practicing. Mr. Yohn then will remove you from the team. Also, you have to maintain a 2.0 GPA and good behavior to stay on the team.

Practice Days and Times:

Mondays (3-4pm), Wednesdays (1:45-3pm), and Fridays (6:30-7:30am)

Season Starts on January 4th (Monday)

Session Ends sometime in Early June.

Where We Run  

  • Speed workouts are on our fields
  • Distance runs are around the roads of our campus and beyond
  • Fun runs are on a few Saturdays throughout the year in the local hills and at our local beaches (optional)


  • There are usually 5 scheduled races outside of campus on the weekend, the race schedule coming soon.
  • There is a track meet at Westminster High in May against Johnson and Warner Middle Schools

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