New Dances Reply

Samantha Skocilic, Thao Vy Phan

The Stacey Middle School Dance Club, lead by Mrs. Mi Linda Valverde, is currently producing two dances, one for the pep rally and another for the winter dance in December.

Dance Club is excited to express their passion and perform for the students of Stacey Middle School in these two large events. Ms Valverde said, “I am always excited about dance and my girls.”

Taman Tran stated, “Yeah, I’m pretty excited, but we’re going to  be tired. We don’t stop practicing til’ four or five.”

Zeenia Merida is excited that they are going to do cheerful Christmas dances such as Jingle Bell Rock. She also enjoyed performing to Thriller at Darkfest on October 29.

The upcoming dances are creating excitement and anticipation among the students. Come and enjoy the dances as well as the Pep Rally and Winter Dance, One Snowy Night, with food, fun, and a great time with your friends.

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