Sapphire and Gold Reply


Quang Truong

Apple released three versions of the Apple Watch last year: the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport, and the Apple Watch Edition.

The Apple Watch is made of stainless steel in silver and black. Additionally, the display is protected by a sapphire crystal. Each Apple Watch comes with a choice of fine leather, link bracelet, Milanese loop, or a band made from fluoroelastomer (synthetic rubber). This costs $550-$600.

The Apple Watch Sport is made of a lightweight aluminum and is protected by a strong glass. The band is a durable rubber. This model costs $350-$400.

Last, but not least is the most expensive, the Apple Watch Edition. Each watch case is made with an 18 karat gold that was developed to be twice as hard as regular gold. The band is leather, and is designed to complement the rose gold or gold watch cases. These cost $10,000-$12,000.

Some say the Apple Watch is worth the money, and others say not.

But students have now found purpose to buy the watch.

Students across the country are now using the watch to cheat on tests. The note function allows students to view the notes they take on the device. The students lie and say they were checking the time.

You decide: Are these really necessary or are they a waste of money?

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