2015-2016 Video Games Reply

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Samantha Skocilic

From concerned parents to obsessed kids, video games have become part of our culture. The USA adopted these digital phenomenons and grew them.

The very first video game was a pixelated tennis game called Pong created by William Higinbotham, and since October 1958, America’s been hooked.

There are many video games coming, such as Just ‘Cause 3 and Street Fighter V. Some video gamers are very excited for these new releases.

One of the most hyped games is Dark Souls III. It has a lot to live up to to match Dark Souls I and II. The first and second editions from the franchise were difficult games, which added to the fun. Pewdiepie played Dark Souls I and II which popularized the game even more.

Video games have been coming out on consoles from the Xbox to the Nintendo 3Ds. So many games are coming out, and there are too many to count.

Games have and will always be a part of our growing culture, regardless if it’s Star Wars Battlefront or Halo 5.

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