Profiling Ms.Thach Reply


Thao Vy Phan

Ms. Thach is currently a math and CCR teacher at Stacey Middle School. Her dream of becoming a teacher started her sophomore year. Ms. Thach has been fulfilling her dreams for 12 years, 10 years at Webber Elementary and two at Stacey.

One of her greatest accomplishments is starting the garden club at Stacey. Ms.Thach found gardening in May 2013, when she had tried to prevent weeds from growing. She said that she “fell in love with it” and had found “something she was good at.” Ms.Thach is also proud of fixing her house, graduating from college, and her teaching career.

Had teaching not panned out, Ms.Thach’s second career choice would have been Federal Bureau of Investigation agent. She said as a young child she thought the job of FBI agent would be “active and something new.” However, Ms.Thach states,” I love teaching, so it will never happen.”

Not only is she a “funny teacher” according to 8th grader Valerie Nguyen, Ms.Thach is known to be a softball coach. Working at the Boys and Girls Club, she found herself volunteering to become a coach. Coaching was something Ms.Thach called a “new experience” and enjoyed the interaction between the players.

Ms.Thach had been coaching for four seasons; however, she believes a break is required this year because of her busy schedule.

Ten Random Facts about Ms. Thach:

  1. Jack in the Box was her favorite past job.
  2. Her past jobs were at Jack in the Box, Macy, Boys and Girl Club at Garden Grove, Robinson May, and Cal State Long Beach.
  3. At Cal State Long Beach, she helped seniors apply for colleges.
  4. She loves care bears and believes that they are a “perfect example of g-rated where everyone is nice and caring.”
  5. Her pets are Mr.Lizard and his family in her garden.
  6. Her favorite vacation was in Alaska where she went on a cruise ship and hiked.
  7. Ms.Thach finds it amusing when a student gets in trouble and she has to act seriously even though she’s quietly laughing inside.
  8. Her advice for students is to work and play hard, but “education first.”
  9. She went to Cal State Long Beach for her Bachelors of Arts degree.
  10. Ms.Thach states “life is good” is her motto.

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