I Will Never Do Better Than This Quang Truong’s Horrific Guide to This Week’s “Useful” News Reply


Nov. 16-20, 2015 – So (Ir)Responsible

  • Have you ever cracked your phone?

Many have a smartphone, and whether it is an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy, an LG or any other phone brand, many have cracked screens before. Some are minor, while others are completely horrid, but all are definitely annoying.

Common causes of cracked screens are: any sort of phone drop in general and friends.

The extremely cautious have extra protective cases, such as Lifeproof or Otterbox.

Most cases also include screen protectors. Screen protectors protect the screen of your phone from scratches, people’s eyes with privacy protectors, and glass to prevent cracking.

The phone is such an important asset and should be tended with care. It’s your phone; it’s your choice.

  • Please Charge.

All phones require a daily charge to function . Many charge our devices frequently, hoping to improve battery life.

However, everyone forgets sometimes. And for some, their greatest fear is being forced to survive the day with a dead phone.

Now portable chargers are available saving many from panic by charging on the go.

Even now malls and cars support consumers with charging stations and car upgrades.

Are we so addicted to our technology that we have to put more in our pockets to save our sanity?

Some say yes; we are stressing ourselves out to avoid going hysterical. Others say no, and that we can function without screens.
That’s all for now and I’ll see you next week in my kingdom. Make sure to read all the articles on the site!

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