Kindness Campaign Results Reply

1021151339 - Edited

2310 pairs of shoes on their way to Africa.

Heather Tran and Jonah Vu

To support orphans in Africa and students at an all girls’ school in Guatemala, Stacey students met challenges proposed by Brian Williams, a motivational speaker from Think Kindness.

He asked our campus to raise $2000 for a new bus in Guatemala to help girls get to school. And to make this task even more challenging, girls and boys were asked to compete head-to-head to see which gender would raise more money.

A total of $3,348 was raised by Stacey students.

In the beginning, it was a close battle, but in the end  girls pulled through and raised $2,500 more than boys.

A mysterious donor doubled the total amount raised, thus a total of $6,696 was sent to Guatemala.

Williams also requested 2000 pairs of shoes for orphans in Africa. Without shoes, children are not allowed to go to school there. With the combined effort of teachers, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders, Stacey was able to collect 2,310 pairs.

On Friday, October 30, a double lunch was held to celebrate the school’s success, and, more specifically, the girls’ triumph over the boys. In the future, girls will receive small surprises throughout the school year.  

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