Will Russia Meet Rio? 5

imagesQuang Truong

World Anti-Doping Agency, also known as the WADA, has called for Russia to be banned from competing in the next Olympic games set to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil after discovering Russian track and field athletes have been doping. Doping is the act of using illegal performance enhancing drugs by athletes.

The Russian Athletic Federation said to CNN that it “fights severely against anti-doping rules violation by athletes, coaches and other categories of specialists working in athletics” and is now trying to fix its image into a country with a “no tolerance for doping.”

The credentials of a Moscow lab caught in the scandal have been revoked.

According to a poll by the CNN Sports Twitter account, 78% of people no longer have faith in the track and field sport after the exploitation of Russia.


  1. It is quite sad to know that cheating is still very much alive in this professional level. I am not surprised that a country would be doping, because even in horse racing today doping is used to win. It is sad that a rider would dope his horse, but choosing to dope yourself, that’s a whole other story. the self-conscious decision to dope yourself seems quite pathetic. I still do not know why somebody would do that.


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