Lawyers in the Making 2

Heather Tran, Kristen Fernandez, & Nikki Do

HOLA! 😉 Every Tuesday, we will post a debate on a specific topic. Two students, teachers, or monsters will give their opinion and battle it out to see which side is better. Also, a poll will be provided to see the winner of the previous week’s debate. Without further ado, here’s the first debate!


Throughout comic book history, the two most prominent industries, Marvel and DC, have been going head to head. Fans argue which would win in an all out battle, and it’s time to completely settle the score. HULK SMASH!!

Question #1: Do you prefer DC or Marvel?


8th grader Jalon Brown says,“Honestly, it depends on some of the storyline. They’re both great storylines, but Marvel… their heroes are way too powerful and their villains are too easy to defeat; DC is very dark. But DC has a better storyline.”


8th grader Miya Robinson, says, “Marvel because their movies, their comic books, their superheros, and their villains are well planned. And they describe it in a way that’s fun to watch… I grew up with Marvel because with DC they only change the actors in the movies and it’s not the same without the original.”

Question #2: If Iron Man and Batman were to battle, who would win? (Batman is a hero solely owned by DC, and Iron Man was created by Marvel)


“Iron Man may have superior technology, but Batman always figures out things… He could take out Superman if he wanted to, and Superman can “whoop” Iron Man’s butt. So, in reality, Batman can probably beat Iron Man, although thousands upon thousands of Marvel fans would say Iron Man.”

-Jalon Brown

Iron Man:

“I would think it would be an even match… because they have their own thing.

I don’t want to be biased, but I think Iron Man would win because he’s more privileged and he has better tactics.”

-Miya Robinson

We hope you enjoyed our first debate and will be interested in reading future issues. Please remember to vote on the poll so we can see which industry our readers prefer: DC or Marvel? ADIOS AND HASTA LUEGO!


  1. On the debate once again: after doing some research, I have come to the conclusion that Marvel is better, due to the storyline of Frank Castle (the Punisher), and the amount of light comedy added to the comic books in other Marvel series.


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