Technology, Good or Bad? Reply


Erin Brown

Imagine being out with friends, and someone decides to go to the mall. Everyone sits down for a little while, and your phone is dead and out of battery. While looking around, friends and many others are on their phones.

Without a doubt, technology is used everyday by people of all ages. There is currently over 7 billion people today, but you never really  see anyone playing outside. Is it because of the new technology,  and is it a  good or bad thing?

Ms. Sass, a physical education teacher, says, “It’s a good thing and a bad thing; they’re in touch with people all the time, so the parents feel more comfortable, knowing where their kids are…but it’s a bad thing because they can’t go two minutes without checking FaceBook and all that. It’s also because if they are attached to their electronics at home, they don’t…exercise and play outside.”

There  is a study The Orange County Register wrote about how people get  addicted to their phones. The study was made by Tamyra Pierce, an associate professor of communications and journalism at Cal State Fresno. The study shows how many  kids would spend the day on their phones. Up to, “47 percent of high school students reported text messaging one to four hours daily…”.

Technology can also have a huge negative impact on where you work. Mrs. Redmond, a seventh and eighth grade history teacher, says, “I think they do so much social media that it’s hard for them to communicate with each other in reality. I think they need a little bit more of that, because when they get into the business world and beyond, the most important thing is knowing how to communicate with people that you work with and how you get along with different personalities. I think that is something that’s lost, and kids need to play outside, too.”  

Even so, the effects of technology can also be helpful. In fact, a useful site widely known as Khan Academy helps people with math. There are numerous sites capable of teaching lessons and helping you improve in a subject.

Mrs. Valverde, a CCR, English, and Spanish teacher, says, “…They can learn a lot from these social sites about how to be good. I’ve seen more of that now, like the students being able to see videos now of just making random acts of kindness. I’ve seen a lot of feedback on that from the students telling me about these videos and wanting me to play them in my AVID class. I’d say there’s a good and a bad with it. There’s a cool video called Look Up, and it definitely emphasises the fact that they could be missing out on life. If they are looking at their phones, they might have not have seen that boyfriend, or if they are playing a video game they might have not noticed that their friend was hurt that day, because they’re feeding onto this technology.”

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