Disney Does it Again! Reply



Kristen Fernandez

It’s no mystery Disney is fond of making people smile. Their classic movies such as Bambi are known to be favorites. Disney confirmed some of these oldies will be brought back to the big screen in the near future.

One movie swimming back to theaters will be Finding Dory, a spin on the original, Finding Nemo, that was released back on May 30, 2003.

“Well, I think that Finding Dory has been long awaited…” said eighth grader, Addison Valencia.

The new movie will consist the beloved members of Nemo, Marlin, the Tank Gang, and brand new members such as an octopus and a shark who believes she is a whale.

The storyline of this tale will be following Dory as she returns to her family after she has recollections of old memories.

This movie will be released June 17, 2016.

Another Disney movie will be coming alive is Toy Story 4. The last Toy Story was released on June 18, 2010. While there isn’t much information given about the current cast, it seems the phenomenal Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will be returning to the screen as Buzz and Woody.

Another character that will be returning is Bo Peep. The movie is rumored to have Woody and Bo Peep’s love story take place. This movie will be released November 22, 2017.

Superheroes will be back to save the world; the Incredibles 2 will be coming sometime in June of 2019. Even without much news on the plot of the movie, there’s no doubt the movie will be “incredible”. The newest cars will also be speeding on in this bandwagon as a new Cars 3 will be released June 16, 2017. This movie can’t come driving in soon enough.

For now these movies seem to be coming soon. Be sure to look for signs of these movies because they may be at your next family movie night. Disney has surely done it again!

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