The Happiest Place On Earth Totally Did And Totally Did Not Reply

Quang Truong

Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth, has raised the price of the Disney Signature Plus Passport to an astounding $1,049 a year. This pass has no blackout dates, dates you cannot use the pass, 15% off select dining locations, and 20% off select merchandise, souvenirs, etc. and free parking.

Disneyland still has other passes, except for the discontinued Premium Passport. They still carry the SoCal Select/Resident Passport, Disney Deluxe Passport, and Disney Signature Passport, which all have blackout dates on the holidays and the holiday season, along with other “peak” days.

Announced earlier this year at Disney’s 23rd Annual Expo in Anaheim, Disneyland and Disney’s Magic Kingdom/Disney World, located in Orlando Florida, will both get 15,000 acre expansions to create Star Wars Land, planned on opening in 2024. But during the wait and every year after the opening, Disneyland is having an annual event called “The Season of The Force”, celebrating the iconic franchise.

Many people’s favorite ride, Space Mountain, is being redone and made into Hyperspace Mountain, where riders ride in an X-Wing Fighter and fly through an intense space battle between the Republic/Jedi and the Empire/Sith. The Star Tours ride is also being redone, with scenes from the seventh Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens.

Unfortunately, attractions will be closed off for some time during construction, such as the long-running shows, Fantasmic, and the Rivers of America. But once Star Wars Land opens, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will permanently close along with the restaurant nearby.

Based on studies done on the ticket price of Disneyland, the current $99 One Day-One Park Admission and the $150 One Day Park Hopper ticket will increase at a fast rate over the next 5 years.
So here is my question: Is Disneyland Actually Worth The Price?

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