Perfect Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Reply

Jennifer Lyghost costume

Halloween, October 31, will soon begin and the countless numbers of children will come in festive costumes to trick-or-treat. Are you ready to don your costumes on and celebrate throughout the night? If not, here are a few costumes ideas for you.

The first, a classic to wear, is the spooky ghost. Simply find a white bedsheet, cut out holes for your eyes and mouth, and, to make the look authentic, make the edge of your bedsheets ragged. Voila! You got yourself a perfect last-minute costume.

The second, the stereotypical nerd costume, is also extremely effortless to make. Grab a pair of glasses and tape the bridge of it to make the illusion of broken glasses. To make the costume even more detailed, grab a button up  shirt and suspenders.

Another last-minute costume could be M&M’s or Skittles. All you need is a plain t-shirt with one color and some glue and solid white paper, which you could find at a store. Take the paper and cut it into either the letter m or s, depending on the type of candy. Glue the paper onto the t-shirt to complete the look.

A fourth potential costume is an animal. Get a headband of an animal’s ears, some clothes that match the skintone of the animal, and paint or markers. Next, paint the face of the animal on your face. For example, you could paint whiskers and a black nose on your face for a cat.

The last, but certainly not least, costume would be an emoji mask. You need a popsicle stick, glue, paper, and markers. First, cut out the shape of your desired emoji. Then, add the details of the emoji and color it. Finally, glue the popsicle stick to the emoji. Ta-da! You have a emoji mask to wear over your face.

If you didn’t have a costume before, you most certainly have one now. These simple, last-minute costumes, will be perfect for your Halloween celebration!

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