National Junior Honors Society Medallion Reply

njhs medallion

Tyler Serrano

Each year at Stacey Middle School, the National Junior Honors Society members in eighth grade,  who participate and meet the requirements for the club, receive a medallion to remind them of their hard work and dedication to society.

Mrs. Gates, the NJHS instructor, states, “For eighth graders to be eligible for the medallion, they have to be in NJHS for at least two trimesters, and one of those trimesters has to be the third. You can do the first and the third, or the second and the third.”

Receiving a medallion as an eighth grader has many benefits. “This is a National Honors Society, which is a recognized program for high schools and colleges… being in NJHS looks good on college applications and even on job applications,” says Mrs. Gates.

At the end of the year, the medallions are presented on the stage, and Mrs. Doyle and Mrs. Gates hand them out to the eighth graders in NJHS. Eighth graders of NJHS may purchase a medallion or borrow one for that day if they want to.

All members of NJHS are expected to have at least a 3.2 GPA, and no U’s and N’s in citizenship on any report cards.

Service Projects must be complete and each member is required to have four hours at minimum, and must pay a $6.00 membership fee per trimester.

The deadline for hours is December 8, 2015. Everyone is required to do at least one campus cleanup, or an alternative service. 

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