CCR Field Trip To The Future Reply

CSULB Pyramid

CSULB Pyramid

Samantha Skocilic

College Career Readiness students went the University of California Long Beach on Tuesday, October 13 where they learned a lot about the university. They viewed many interesting features such as the Japanese Garden and the Pyramid.

Many students loved this field trip and were very excited because it was their first time going to CSULB. Zeenia Merida, an eighth grader stated, “My favorite academic thing was being close to the music building because it shows how much the campus cares for the students.”

Another eighth grader, Melody Magana, also loved the field trip. She thought that the gym was the coolest part of the field trip because it was shaped like a pyramid.

Mrs. Valverde, the 8th grade CCR teacher said, “My favorite part of the CCR field trip would be seeing the eyes of students realize that the world is bigger than middle school.”

CCR has and always will be a huge part of Stacey. It’s crucial to students’ learning experience and has taught many students that they can be leaders. This field trip has many beneficial features that shows college is not just sitting in a classroom; it’s about learning about what you love to do.

Going on field trips has always been part of the CCR program, and it will continue on for as long as it can.This field trip and all future ones will help many students in the process of achieving their dreams.

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