Date-cey Middle School 4

holding handsNikki Do and Kristen Fernandez

Every school year, there’s bound to be at least one “couple” at Stacey Middle School. But is this action necessary for an average student?

“I think it’s cool. Middle school is an age appropriate time to be dating someone,” said eighth grader, Seth Calderwood.

Students everywhere at Stacey have different perspectives around the topic. Many students seem to agree with the fact that they should be allowed to date, while others completely disagree. “If you want to, you can but just don’t show affection at school. I think it’s okay,” said Caleb Dochnal, another eighth grader. Most students seem to agree with Caleb’s opinion.

Seventh grader Anne Vo agrees, ”I think it’s fine but, like, it’s awkward when they’re hugging or kissing in front of other people. “

But couples beware. Many may not realize the consequences. Stacey Middle School Assistant Principal, Mrs. Scheiber, states.“So, basically we first go over the rules to make sure that they know the rules: no hand holding, no hugging, no kissing, because it’s just not appropriate in public. If it’s something more severe, like they’re kissing each other a lot, then I separate them for about a week in the morning and at lunch. I call home and I tell their parents, and usually it doesn’t happen anymore.”

Even so, the majority of students at Stacey seem to believe that being a couple is okay as long as there are limitations.


  1. A friend suggested that I read this segment and what I thought about it. I understand that this is an older post but I still would like to state my mind…

    I don’t think it’s right to get involved in other people’s decision to date each other. What gives Ms. Shreiber the right to play god in other people’s lives. How is it fair to separate people from each other during practically any time they get to see each other? It’s like holding a restraining order against yourself and your best friend. I understand that it is a little awkward to see a couple kissing each other right in front of you, but holding hands and hugging is no different than what we do with our parents. And what about the over-dramatic girls that run up to each other and hug one another because they haven’t seen each other for over 18 hours? Why not separate them too right? I don’t think that telling the parents is a necessary thing either. It is the student’s responsibility to tell their parents and their own choice whether to get in a relationship or not.


    • That is a very interesting way to look at it. I find your opinion very unique and needed in someways. I’m glad that you voiced what you thought. (Oh and hi Ms. Walters! We miss you and journalism!)


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