I Will Never Do Better Than This -Quang Truong’s Horrific Guide To This Week’s “Useful” News. Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 2015 Reply

downloadHow Youtube Took Over The World

Over the past years, Youtube has become the biggest platform for entertainment. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, Youtube is a company owned by Google that provides videos for your pure entertainment, learning purposes, music, etc.

Ever since the boom of Youtube, artists such as Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Sam Smith have released audio and music videos of their songs for free on Youtube.

Youtubers, people who make videos and post on Youtube, can earn up to millions or even billions of views, while getting paid a big load of money. The gaming youtuber PewDiePie makes over $4 million a year just off of uploading videos of him playing and reviewing games for viewers to watch.

Youtube, which is free but only works with wifi, became a great thing once everything became based on the internet. What made Youtube so popular was its accessibility and ease for people to use.

As a result of its rise to fame, TV stations are putting clips of their shows online so people who missed one can see the highlights.

Everyone uses Youtube, and the company quickly took over the world view by view. See you next week!

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