A Breathtaking Experience “in Space” Reply

Photo from Kameha Grand Zurich

Photo from Kameha Grand Zurich

Tyler Serrano

In Zurich, Switzerland, the Kameha Grand Zurich hotel has inaugurated a $1,890 per night Space Suite, resembling the inside of a space station, designed by a German artist, Michael Najjar.

This suite has many interesting features, such as the “space glove” on the wall, used as a coat hanger, or a place to store your phone or your keys. Another unique detail, the rocket engine spotlights throughout the suite, supposedly there to brighten up the place.

The “zero gravity” bed is designed to create the illusion as if it were floating, its rectangular shape based on the monolith in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

“The intention was not at all to create a comfortable bedroom,” says Najjar in an interview with Milena Veselinovic. “It’s more about creating an immersive environment which makes the hotel guest feel like living on a space station.”

Nijjar also says that people will forget that they are in a hotel room and they’ll feel like they are in a space station.

Furthermore, the suite displays a two-screen video, presenting the space debris in Earth’s orbit and has an interesting mirror-coffee table.

In addition to that, it has a library full of books, audio books, films that are about space travel, and even has an automated female voice that welcomes the guests based off of John Carpenter’s science fiction film, “Dark Star”.

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