Glowing Turtles? Reply

glowing sea turtleHeather Tran

On September 28th, scientists released a video of the first glowing turtle. The turtle, now identified as a hawksbill turtle, was discovered by marine biologist David Gruber in late July. It was discovered in the Solomon Islands, down in the South Pacific.

The turtle glows neon green and red.

The discovery has also raised a lot of questions with the scientists. In USA Today, David Gruber said, “We know they have really good vision and they go under these long and arduous migrations. But, how are they using this? Are they using it to find each other or to attract each other?”

Other animals who have the capability to glow either use a sequence of chemical reactions to do so or have organisms living on them that give off light. The ability to glow is called biofluorescence.  

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