Teacher Aid or Distraction to the Action? Reply

downloadKristen Fernandez, Thao Vy Phan, Samantha Skocilic

The chromebooks are a tool that students and teachers at Stacey Middle School have adapted to. There have been many uses for these devices, such as turning in homework, taking tests, and writing essays. However, many problems have presented themselves when it comes to these so-called “tools.”

Students have found ways to manipulate the chromebooks in ways including playing during class. This has been a recurring problem that has been mentioned, but some students have ignored the given warnings. The big question is: are the chromebooks a helpful aid or a teacher’s nightmare?

Different people on campus have definite opinions on both the chromebooks and the problem at hand. Our principal, Mrs. Heidi DeBritton, had something to say about the chromebooks. “Well, I think having 21st century tools in the classroom really helps students have access to things that normally they might not have access to.”

Ms. Beverly Walters, a teacher at Stacey said, “They allow students to create and do assignments in a different ways that they’ve never done before, but they also can be a distraction; it does require students to exhibit self-control. All in all, I think they are worth it, but not without a downside.”

Malinda Huynh, a seventh grader states, “ … I guess it distracts them a lot and you know they don’t learn a lot.” Even so, she is divided between both sides. “. . . because I can do my research without my mom yelling at me.”

Unlike the previous student, Andrew Sieng ultimately believes that the chromebook is a big “no”. He makes his opinion clear that it is a waste of space and is a cumbersome liability.

After various opinions on the chromebooks, the answer to the question seems be different with everyone. Some believe that the chromebooks are an essential tool, others conclude that they are not needed, and some may be torn between both sides. All in all, the chromebooks have arrived at Stacey and it seems like they are here for the long run.

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