Is the Dress Code a Problem? Reply

Leah Kurihara, Destiney Hagberg and Leandra Gimenez

Schools began having dress code rules in the 1960’s because of students protesting the Vietnam War by wearing black armbands. Though it was argued whether or not that the new law was fair, it was enforced and is still used today.

Nowadays, in most states, the student board makes all the dress code rules, contrary to common belief the principal does not create the rules, but must enforce them. A question that has been asked for past years is whether or not dress code rules are reasonable.

Dress code has been a big debate over the years. Where some would say one should be able to wear what we want, but others would say dress code is important for students learning.

Alexis Murillo, a sixth grade, said our dress code is reasonable.

Controversially, Ella Sacchetti, 8th grade said,  “Most of the rules are fine, but some of them are unreasonable. What we wear should not be other kids problems.” As we asked many kids, most favored Ella’s perspective.

With that, Stacey’s teachers also have a say in this department, therefore we gathered some insights from them.

Mr. Yohn said, “I think the dress code is a little bit out dated… The dress code obviously needs to focus on making people express themselves, however, not to the extent where it’s distracting in the classroom.”

Additionally, we asked Mrs. Sass about the dress code and she said,”I think the hair rule should be changed. It should be more lenient.”

Also, Mr. Cota said, “I like dress code because I don’t think the focus should be on how students dress. They should be on education.”

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